NoBrokersUSAReturnsExpiry Times
BonusMin. Deposit 
1OptionRobot95%15m, 30m, 1h, 24h+80%$200
2StockPair93%60s, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1hr, 24h+100%$200
324Option89%60s, 2m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1hr, 24h+100%$250
4TradeRush91%60s, 15m, 30m, 1h, 24h+80%$200

The Binary Options brokers listed above have to be in compliance with a lot of judgment criteria like reputation, the easy-of-use, diversity in trading assets etc

  • Reputation – The longer a broker has been providing services, the more situations they have been through. It’s easy to understand why such long-time binary options brokers are always preferred than the newer ones.
  • Growth – Trader should try to excommunicate with come-and-go trading platforms, which are usually lack of necessary information and of course they are usually unreliable brokers. The speed of growing is also important in choosing a broker. The quicker it develops, the more traders it pairs with, the better its service.
  • Banking – This important criterion relates to your hard earned money. Banking options dominates the access of investors around the world. The more banking methods are offered, the more favored the broker is. Bear in mind that fast and easy and clear withdrawals are a must.
  • Customer support – Imagining that you have a problem with your account, and the customer service is not available to help you immediately or their help is not good enough to solve your issues accurately, you are in the worst situation of losing your money. Both quickness and accuracy are required on customer supporting service of any broker.
  • Profitability – As usual, higher percentages of payouts are favored. However, you should take consider about additional features such as reimbursement rate, the ability to sell back your trade to the companies and other unique features like the Roll over, etc.
  • Diversity – Each trading instrument is fit well with each transaction based on the nature of the chosen assets. No one could build complete strategies for all of available assets, but the more trading instruments on a platform is definitely better to earning as much as we could.
Binary Options Brokers
Find the best, reliable binary options brokers, then rule the world!

Along with above judgment criteria, we have a regular update list of trustworthy brokers. Before being added to that list, a trading platform has been tested thoroughly from inside out in at least a month by our professionals. A broker is in the list is the one that complied with all above standards. You could check out this site for more detailed reviews and ratings about Binary Options brokers.

What are binary options?

Binary options are quite new and probably unfamiliar with a number of investors because it has been birthed not too long ago in comparison with other online trading instrument such as Forex or Stock. However, once an investor takes this type of trading seriously, he will immediately fall in love with highly potential profits earning from it.

In short, binary options trading is a derivative financial instrument, on which traders making bet on the changes of their chosen asset’s price. In the past, this type of trade is only available for the professionals, who took advantages of binary options trading to manage risks or for speculative purposes.

Why Trade Binary Options

No matter what type of trading you take part in, you are on the risks of failure. Similar to other trading, binary options obtains a lot of potential risks. Nevertheless those risks partly can be avoided thanks to its simplicity and intuitiveness. Hence, the risk rate of binary options trading is lower. After analyzing, one trader is only 3 clicks away from operating his transaction completely and smoothly. The result of each transaction will be revealed within an hour or a day according to terms of the contract. Using 60 Seconds options which’s available in some brokers; the result will pop out before your realization. According to the term of policies of each broker, we find out that some broker will buy back all investments of its customer, while some others only accept if the prediction seems to be correct with a lower percentage of payout. When making a choice of a trading platform, every trader should consider about this information.

Binary Options Trading
Binary Options Trading

On the open OTC exchanges, the Foreign Exchange market is paced quickly, on which more than $100 billion dollars worth of transactions are routed every day. Such amazing volume is believed to create imbalances in the market. However, the fact of the matter is that the retail Forex market, the segment of Forex market we are talking about, is only a small percentage of the institutional transactions that are routed through the Bank of International Settlements or what is generally known as the inter-bank foreign exchange market.

Generally in the Forex trading market, most of institutional participants represent their clients such as hedge funds, businesses (importers and exporters) and even their own account in order to trade. According to the annual report, 80% of the total turnover is for these accounts, which is estimated to be more than $4 trillion.

In such situations, a small Forex trader has no hope to take part in the game without the existence of binary options trading. Binary options created chances of betting on price movements of foreign currencies for retails of the forex market. It also emerged opportunities of trading in cross rate of major currency pairs such as GBP/JPY, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and AUD/USD.

Benefit of Binary Options Trading

2008 is a memorable year in the history of the financial world. In this year, because of the debacle of America’s subprime mortgage industry, financial company from around the world had to face with many serious problems. Hence, the birth of binary options in this year somehow had become a good signal for retail traders.

  • Binary options own unique characteristics that make themselves being more prominent than other types of financial markets.
  • The number of tradable assets is unlimited. You can make trade on hundreds assets, which were classified into different ranges such as stocks, commodities, indexes and currencies.
  • The amount of winning of losing is foreseeable. Some traders using this nature of binary options in order to choose their favored assets.
  • On the scales with other conventional financial online market, risky level that binary options investor has to contend with is significantly lower. For example, a Forex trader has to face with leverage, slippages, margin issues, poor internet connections and also unscrupulous employed practices. They are important issues that definitely influences directly to benefits of traders. Meanwhile, binary options do not cover such many factors including re-quotes, slippages, margin calls and leverage requirements.
  • Almost all binary options brokers allow trading with assets from around the world along with support of 24/7 in multi lingua customer teams.
  • A trader only have to pay an actual amount to enjoy this market. For example, according to the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, an US trader has to invest in larger than or equal to $25,000. Meanwhile, average amount required in opening an account for trading with binary options is only $200.
  • In the binary options market, you invest in a small budget and owning chances of earning incredible profits that could be out of your expectations. Overall, payouts of normal instrument like the traditional Call/Put spread from 70 to 90 percent of the initial. In certain case of speculative high-yield deals, the rate of returns could be up to 500%. With short trades like 60 Seconds transactions, the total amount earned is even larger.
  • A newbie to the world of binary options trading doesn’t have to spend too much time on learning process. Through a short introduction video on the homepage of every platform, he will understand how to make a trade run smoothly. Also on the homepage, he could gather all relative information that is updated regularly about his favorite assets such as financial news, stock reports or feeds from other legitimate sources. If a trader knows how to reading a price chart, another useful supportive tool, his success will come faster and more secure.

The most traditional form of binary options is the Call/Put. In general, this form could bring returns that up to 85% of the initial
investment for in-the-money trades.

As a result of incredible benefits in short period of time, many investors have taken part in this market area, which led to the growth of binary options broker population. In first gradations, there were only a few companies offered this service with poor instruments and resource. Nowadays, enjoying the benefits and fierce competition of this world is much more easy and interesting than the same time in 2010.

Where to trade binary options? Trusted Binary Options Brokers?

A huge number of binary options brokers with similar trading platform, similar benefits and similar risks somehow make new beginner confused. It’s easier for you if you have experience. You have your own familiar platform, and in case you want to change broker for new environment, you have your abilities to recognize the most suitable one for your unique requirements. Beginners has less experience and even obtain nothing in their hand, they have to start from very beginning.

A few advices for beginner would be to pay attention to this necessary information of a broker: its legitimate, safety of funds, withdrawal speed, deposit options, customer support service, etc. We have build up a list of criteria to find out your most ideal broker:

NoBrokersUSAReturnsExpiry Times
BonusMin. Deposit 
1OptionRobot95%15m, 30m, 1h, 24h+80%$200
2StockPair93%60s, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1hr, 24h+100%$200
324Option89%60s, 2m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1hr, 24h+100%$250
4TradeRush91%60s, 15m, 30m, 1h, 24h+80%$200